Art Deco Leadlights


The Art Deco period was between 1915-1940, at the start of the industrial revolution. During this time vibrant colours and bold shapes were used to represent speed and luxury. The Art Deco is know as one of the most influential times in twentieth century architecture and was represented all around the world.

Houses built during this period were constructed of brick or weather boards. Many brick houses had feature brick work, brick pillars, balustrades and rough cast pebbles. Weather board houses consisted of cement tiles, brick pillars and double hung sashes windows. Houses built in this period often featured plaster rose ceilings and stained timber with cover straps.

The lead lights were often located in the double fronted doors, internal door panels, feature picture windows on either side of a brick fire place, stairwell window and tops of the double hung sashes. The windows were most often geometric in shape with little colour, a verity of textures textures minimal curves.