Lead Lights

Thank you for considering the purchase a beautiful piece of hand crafted leadlights from Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman. Please be assured that we are not a mass production company and that we will give you the very best in design, craftsmanship and personal service. Many people think that the manufacture of a leadlight is the same from studio to studio but we believe we offer the highest possible quality of leadlight product for your home, so that it will not only add equity to your home but offer functionality and beauty that only a hand crafted piece of art can do. Please look at the “Why Choose us” page to see more technical information on our product.

We offer leadlight is a verity of styles to match your home including:


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New Windows

When most people think of leadlights and stained glass they think of traditional homes such as Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco but leadlights look great in any home from houses that look like gothic cathedral through to new designer homes. We are continuously in discussion with architects, interior designers, builders and home owners on how to fit leadlights into different situations and also comply with the new codes on heat efficiency and Australian Standards for glass and glazing AS 1288

We are able to produce designs by email and phone but in most cases it is best for Wesley Vine to visit your home to discuss what you would like a in order to develop a design to suit your needs. Designs are priced on the size of the window and the amount of detail in the window. For more information on quoting please visit “The Quoting process” on this website.

Match existing

Much of the work at Wesley Vine Glass is with clients, builders, interior designers or architects working will older homes to reproduce what was originally existing or to tie in with the leadlights that are already there. Leadlights are often used to tie in the old part of the house with the new or to add authentic feature window to the new extension on and old home. To help us with this we have a good selection of reproduction glasses and lead profiles to match most panels almost exactly. We are also in a collaboration with other glass artists to source old glass for repair and reproduction of old panels.

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