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Leadlight Repair

It is just as important to perform maintenance on your lead lights as it is to maintain any other part of your home to make sure they your lead lights remain a asset to your home. Quit often when renovating lead lights are overlooked but they should be looked at every twenty years to make sure they don’t need maintenance performed to them. The are signs of decay that you need to look for are:

  • Water leaching from the leadlight windows
  • Putty falling out between the lead and the glass
  • Buckling- windows starting to bow or bend
  • Day light showing
  • Lead fatigue- where the lead expands and contracts over time and causes hairline fractures to appear near the solder joins
  • Rattling can occur when some of the leadlight putty has fallen out of the window


Lead lights should always be repaired by a competent person who is going to take the time and care to match your glasses and lead with the same or a similar products and not what is just on hand. There are many way of repairing your windows and this is where good advice can help you find the best and most cost effective option.

Where possible Wesley will come out to discuss the best implementation or restoration techniques to help in the restoration and provide you with a written quote or quotes.

Please not we practice restoration and conservation techniques set out in the Bara Charta and the Stained Glass Conservation Guide of Britain Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aeui

Please look at some photos under ‘restoration and conservation’ to see some examples of restoration work we have completed.