Leadlights Door and Window

Everything  we make at Wesley Vine Glass Craftsman is custom made and custom designed so we can fit lead lights windows into almost any situation.

We have built lead light windows to fit in

  • door surrounds
  • double hung sashes
  • bay windows
  • fanlights
  • bathroom windows
  • stairwells
  • skylights
  • & the list goes on

We are also proficient
in installing a variate of materials including

  • stone
  • timber
  • steel
  • aluminium


We are constantly finding new ways to install windows in different situations.

In recent years it has become widely popular to install lead lights with double and triple glazing for both energy efficiently, security and safety. There are many ways of doing this and it is probably best to give us a call to explain the best way toto install double or tripe glazing to suit your windows. Some of the ways we have installed windows include

  • against pre-existing double glazed units
  • In pre-existing double hung sashes
When is the perfect time to install your windows?

You can install your lead lights windows or door surrounds at any time during your renovations but with new frames it is best to get us to install after the undercoat and one top coat done. This will make it easier for the painters as they will not have to worry about getting it on you beautiful new lead light windows.

With older frames we find it best to have your frames prepared and sanded before installing your windows. This reduces the chances of scratching the lead or the glass when sanding, filling and preparing your frames. Sometimes we may need to glue or fill your frames if they have become loose over time or if we have removed any colonel bars.